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Polyurethane is one the most used versatile material and we are using plastic in your day to day life. These polyurethanes are mostly formed by combining the reaction of polyol and diisocyanate or the polymeric isocyanate. The application of polyurethane ranges from the foam which is more flexible and also it forms as walls and roofs. This polyurethane is made u of plastics and the natural polymers which includes tar and shellac, shells and horns.

Usage of the polyurethane parts

The physical properties of the polyurethane parts are known for their hardness, tensile strength, compression strength and the impact resistance which is based on the physical property of that material. The most famous polyurethane manufacturer is the Shanghai Pepsen Polyurethane Co Limited which is one of the China’s earliest manufacturers. The various shapes of this polyurethane include polyurethane sheets, polyurethane tube, rod, polyurethane block and bars. The pepsen specialises in the researching form and in the manufacturing standard which has the custom casting moulded products of polyurethane.

Some of the manufacturing services of this Pepsen polyurethane solutions are includes as follows:

  • Open casting
  • Compression mould casting
  • Room temperature casting or the low temperature casting
  • Hand casting
  • Machine casting
  • Centrifugal casting
  • Injection
  • TPU Extrusion

As this Pepsen polyurethane company is the in-house prepolymer manufacturing, it serves most of the application specific formulations with 20 years of experience.

The urethane brushing is one of the high quality, non-yellowing acrylic urethane top coat which provides the beautiful finish to the product. This consists of the low odour, fast drying and with the low VOC. This urethane brushing is very easy to apply on the sheets and it has an excellent levelling properties. These are high solid material which gives a self sealing finish to the product which provides a faster build with a very few coats for the best results.



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