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Many manufacturers are creating polyurethane rollers in various forms such as cradle, coated, bridle, conveyor, guide, deflector, spline and pinch. Now, the polyurethane roller is available in different colors such as green, red, purple, blue and others. These rollers are also manufactured by using a cutting-edge technology viz ribbons flow molding, which is highly supportive in assuring the great quality of its service. They also provide these products in various choices of dimensions and flat rib. Even some of the common applications of industrial polyurethane rollers are commercial web press, aluminum industry, material handling equipment, iron industry, textile industry, newspaper and steel industry and also woodworking machines. However, these polyurethane products can be identified by the PU marking that can be often found on many products made from this material.

Key features of polyurethane roller

The excellent key features of polyurethane roller are given below:

  • Reliability.
  • Simple installation.
  • Great performance.
  • Wear resistance.
  • High load bearing capacity.
  • Less wear and tear.
  • Less rolling resistance.
  • Broad temperature stability (-40c to 80c).
  • Resistance to grease, oil and chemicals.
  • Non-marking.
  • Powerful bonding with different insert materials.
  • Extraordinary rubber surface finish without porosity.
  • Online service support and technical assistance.
  • Assortment of polymer and appropriate compounding.
  • Rational cost.

Benefits of custom polyurethane

Actually, polyurethane rollers are the most famous precision urethane’s product lines. It is being a versatile material counterweights other material due to its extraordinary physical properties, simple installation and good performance. The custom polyurethane products are well known for its amazing production performance among the consumers of different industries such as printing, steel, material handling, textile, packaging, mining, cement, glass, sports, automotive, engineering and leisure industry. The major benefits of using custom polyurethane rollers are including:

  • Simply mold-able and highly flexible.
  • Highly impact resistance.
  • Less temperature resistance.
  • Extraordinary ozone resistance and radiation.
  • Superior to metals, plastic and rubber.
  • Ultimate load bearing capacity in both compression and tension.
  • Long durable and improves productivity.
  • Highly abrasive, cut and tear strength with fantastic tensile.
  • Powerful bonding properties with aluminum, stainless steel and plastic composites.
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